Ghana and Nigeria are two sides of the same coin, despite our little rivalry, we have a lot of things in common when it comes to music,movies,lifestyle,art, fashion and food.

These are 5 foods Ghana and Nigeria have in common and we so love these foods.

  1. Roasted corn

Ghanaians call this “aburoa yatoto”, Nigerians call it “agbado sisun. Just like the name goes, its made by roasting corn on the cob.its a savory snack,tastes great and we love it.

In Ghana its eaten with coconut, Nigerians eat roasted corn with coconut and ube(african pear) they also eat it with coca cola.

2. Buff loaf (African doughnuts)

When it comes to pastry I will choose buff loaf over any pastry anyday! Its spongy and fluffy .This pastry is made with flour,sugar,water,milk and other ingredients.

Ghanaians don’t have one name for buff loaf  some call it buffloat, bofrot, t)gb3,b3ff, bun float and im sure there are other names I haven’t seen or heard yet lol. Puff puff is how my Nigerians call it. Its usually eaten with hausa porridge or any chilled drink.

3. Gari/Garri

Gari is something that I bet can be found in most homes in Ghana and Nigerian. It is made from cassava tubers. If you haven’t tasted any gari dish then i must say,you are missing

In boarding house gari is like a must have, who goes to the boarding house without our dear gari? Anything prepared with gari is time and money saving. Have you tried Gari with chilled water,sugar,milk,and groundnuts? OK it is called Gari soakings.Not to forget our “ga-shito” in the boarding house.  Gari foto and eba are also prepared with garri.

4. Fried plantain

Nigerians call it “dodo” , Ghanaians call it “K))k)” Can you fry plantain without eating one? Well, I cant you will definitely be tempted to touch, the temptation that comes with fried plantain is just too much.

The annoying part is while you are busy frying, someone can be going up and down, you fry 11 you turn and its left with 9 next minute its 5. That pain in your heart when you are the one frying, yeah I know. We love fried plantain! We don’t joke with it oh lol.


It can be served with beans, eggs,waakye and rice. Oh wait how can “red red” be complete without fried plantain? Redred is a dish made up of gari, beans and fried plantain.

5. Jollof

Yas! I know this was the first dish that came in mind when you saw this post but hey we love our jollof, we dont joke with it.

We love this food to the extent that there was war yes the #JollofWar between Ghana and Nigeria.

foods ghana and nigeria have in commonBoth countries have similar way of preparing it, an event that jollof was not served, is that one too an event? LOL. The jollof war is not over yet, both countries say they have the best jollof rice.

These are 5 foods Ghana and Nigeria have in common, you can add more in the comments section. Let me know what you think about these foods or if you have anything about them you want to share. Please comment and share ,Thank you.

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