This post is for my gari lovers, checkout these delicious gari meals and thank me later.

Gari Meals

Gari is a popular west african food made from cassava tubers. Foods made with gari are delicious, quick, easy and satisfying. Its also served with waakye or rice.

Here are 5 Gari meals you need to try.

Gari soakings

Gari soakings is prepared with gari, sugar, water and milk. Soakings is the favorite gari meal in Ghana especially students in high school and even tertiary school. It is usually taken in the afternoon. Imagine taking Gari soakings made with chilled water, sugar, lots of milk, groundnuts and some ice on a hot afternoon.

what i like about gari soakings is that its affordable, time saving and delicious.



Gari Fortor

Gari fotor which is also known as Gari stir fry. It is one of the quick Gari meals we love. Its a meal students love because its easy to make and also saves time. Gari fotor is made by mixing gari with soup,stew or sauce.

Students like to prepare it with shito and sardine, which is popularly called “Ga Shito”, meaning Gari and shito.In the boarding house students wet the gari and mix it well, add a pinch of salt then add the shito, fish or sardine.Its really satisfying. Try this meal and thank me later.


Red Red (fried plantain,gari and beans)

Gari and beans is popular meal in Ghana and Nigeria. its served with fried plantain(k)k)) or dodo).

To me red red  is not complete without gari. Its popularly called “Gobe” in Ghana.



Eba is made from dried grated cassava, commonly known as Gari. This is a popular meal in Nigeria.

Eba is served with soup, sauce or stew. In Nigeria its usually eaten with egusi or banga soup.

These are 4 gari meals you should try. They are delicious, time saving and satisfying.

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