Cooking competition

D-black competes with Mzvee on Yvonne Okoro’s cooking show, Dining with cooks and Braggarts.

Cooking competition

DBlack is a musician and a business man, Mzvee is a dance hall artiste in Ghana and they were featured on Yvonne Okoro‘s cooking show, Dining with Cooks and Braggarts.

This is my favorite episode. To me it is the most exciting episode i have seen. They made the show really fun.I am a foodie, so everything about food is fun. Most cooking shows are seen to be boring to other people so if the guests on the show makes it fun and add a little humour to whatever that’s happening, makes it fun and cool for viewers to watch.

Yvonne introduced them and started by asking them few questions about work, how they are doing and their hobbies. Then she asked them if they are good cooks. Mzvee, made it clear that she is not a good cook.”The last time i was on a cooking show i was supposed to cook some fish and by the time i finished it looked like a different animal,so I’m not sure of what I’m about to do”.

DBlack says he is the king of breakfast and it ends there. As the name of the show goes, we will get to know who she is dining with. Either a cook or a braggart.They were asked to prepare fufu and light soup in 45 minutes.

They were given the recipe but they complained that its not understandable. On the show Yvonne takes two ingredients each from the competitors and ask them questions. If they are able to answer the questions right then they get their ingredients back. DBlack started by cutting his meat.
Then he seasoned it. Mzvee mixed stocked cubes with tomato puree/paste.Yvonne Okoro was not sure if its soup they’re preparing or stew, so she made it clear that they are supposed to make soup not stew.DBlack then put all the vegetables in the blender without cutting them, and also he didn’t add water. Now there’s a problem, its not blending. So Yvonne poured water in the blender for him.
Both got a little help from Yvonne.Even though they weren’t doing the right thing.They made the show fun, there was singing, teasing and a little fun drama between the two. Yvonne told the viewers not to copy what they see on their screens. They should wait till it turns out good.At the end of the show D Black’s personal assistant and Mzvee’s hype man joined Yvonne to taste the meals and mark them over 10. Check out the video below.

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