Here are 5 popular lunch meals in Ghana. I’m pretty sure you have eaten one or more of these dishes this week.

lunch dishes in ghana



First on my list is waakye. Waakye is a popular dish in Ghana made from beans and rice. Waakye can serve as breakfast and lunch. People get in long queues just to buy waakye, and i mean who doesn’t love waakye? i often see long queues formed when it’s 12:00pm (lunch time). On weekends its often eaten as brunch. waakye can be served with salad,shito,fried plantain,gari, meat or eggs.



Ga Kenkey

Ga Kenkey is dish usually eaten in the Greater Accra region.

It can be eaten anytime of the day, but most people like to eat it during lunch time.Kenkey is served with pepper, stew,fish and shrimps.



Red Red

Red red is popular meal in Ghana and Nigeria. This dish is made from beans, friedĀ  plantain and gari or rice. Most people eat this meal during lunch time. Try red red during lunch time and thank me later.

Try Red red is served with eggs or pear.



What type of rice have you eaten as lunch this week? Jollof, fried or plain rice? Most people prefer rice during lunch time because its a simple meal, you don’t need much time to finish up a plate of rice.

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Which of these meals have you eaten this week? Comment and let us know and if you want to share other dishes with us, comment below.

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