5 foods

Here are 5 delicious Ghanaian meals you must try this weekend.


Hausa Kooko(spiced millet porridge)

Hausa porridge is a breakfast meal made from fermented millet, pepper, ginger and cloves. Its one of Ghana’s staple breakfast meals. This meal can be served with koose, african doughnut or bread. Just try hot hausa kooko on saturday morning and thank me later.



This is a popular dish in Ghana made from beans and rice. This meal usually consists of the cooked rice and beans, stew, some spaghetti, moist gari ,boiled eggs, stewed meat or stewed/fried fish, stewed wele, and vegetable salad It may also be eaten with Kelewele (fried plantain). It originated from the northern parts of Ghana.


5 foods


Rice ball and soup(omotuo)

Rice ball goes with any west african soup. This meal is often eaten on weekends,most restaurants and food joints put ”omotuo” under their weekend special on the menu. It can be served with groundnut or palmnut soup.

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Banku and soup

Banku is usually served with soup, it can also be served with sauce. Try banku with any of these soups this weekend. Banku and okro soup is a great combination, you can also try banku and groundnut soup or palmnut soup.

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Fufu and soup

I know fufu is one of the favorite foods of most Ghanaians. Most people eat fufu on weekends. Fufu is also one of the sunday special meals.

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It can be served with light soup, groundnut soup, palmnut soup or any african soup.


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