Kenkey milkshake or ice kenkey is a great snack enjoyed by all. You need few ingredients to make this, and also lots of milk if you want it to be rich. The only difference between this recipe and the milk recipe is I added strawberry powder to get the strawberry flavor.


  1. Strawberry powder
  2. kenkey(fante or ga kenkey)
  3. Fresh milk
  4. Evaporated milk
  5. Nutmeg
  6. Peanut / Groundnuts
kenkey milkshake


  1. Remove the packaging from the Kenkey.
  2. Cut half, cut into smaller pieces into the blender.
  3. add sugar
  4. add the milk, add the evaporated milk
  5. Pour the strawberry powder in a cup,add water and stir.
  6. Add the strawberry and Blend well till it’s smooth
  7. Sprinkle nutmeg
  8. Serve with Ice and groundnut.

Check out the video below.

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