Everyone loves plantain, these foods are so delicious and easy to prepare. People do not joke with their plantain. LOL

Here are 7 delicious plantain foods you need to try.

  1. Etor

Etor is a popular Ghanaian dish in southern Ghana made from boiled,plantain mashed and mixed with palm oil. Check out the recipe. Click on  How to prepare Etor.

2.  Krakro

Krakro, also known as plantain balls. It’s never too late with plantain. Krakro is made from over riped plantain. Check out the recipe. Click on How to prepare Krakro.


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3. Tatale

This is also known as Plantain pancake, also made with over riped plantain. Its delicious and easy to prepare. Tatale can be served with beans stew. Check out the recipe. Click on How to Prepare Tatale.

4.  Plantain and Egg Frittata

Prepared with vegetables, eggs and fried plantain. There are two ways of preparing this dish, the baking method or fry/cooking method.


5. Other Plantain foods

Plantain chips, roasted plantain and fried plantain.

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