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Ghanaian stew sauce

Try these delicious stews and sauces and thank me later.

  1. Tomatoes Stew 

Tomatoes stew is one of our favorite stews. Very easy to prepare and goes with anything. It can be served with rice,kenkey,banku and yam.


2. Okro Stew

Banku comes to mind anytime we hear okro stew. They’re always served together. However okro stew can be served with eba and kenkey.


3.Gravy Sauce

Gravy sauce is more like tomatoes stew. Quick and easy to prepare.

4. Beans stew 

Beans stew is one of my favorites. Very simple to prepare. Served with ripe plantain, rice or kenkey.

Ghanaian stew sauce

5. Kontomire or Garden Eggs Abom

served with Yam,Plantain or rice.


My wekutaste

6. Fante Fante

This is also known as Fresh fish sauce. Served with banku,rice or yam.

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7. Shito

Shito, known as black pepper sauce. Can be served with any food,and I mean any food you can think of. Rice,gari,banku,kenkey,etc.



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