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In Ghana every region has a popular dish. Here are popular dishes in the 10 regions of Ghana.

  1. Ashanti Region – Fufu and Soup

One of the popular dishes in the Ashanti region is Fufu and Soup. Fufu is on the menu of most restaurants and eateries in the Ashanti region. Fufu is served with soups such as Light soup, groundnut soup, palm nut soup or any other soup.


2. Eastern Region – Ampesi/Fufu

In Eastern region the most popular dishes are ampesi and fufu. But they like their ampesi(boiled yam,plantain or cocoyam) with abom. Either kontomire or garden eggs stew.

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3. Greater Accra Region – Ga Kenkey

In this region the commonest food you see around is Ga kenkey. Served with pepper, shito,stew/sauce and fish.

4. Volta Region – Akple/Banku and okro stew

When you hear akple or banku and okro then you should know you are in the midst of voltarians. Akple is their traditional food. However banku and okro stew eaten in other regions as well.

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5. Upper West Region-Tubaani/Tuo zaafi and ayoyo soup

Upper west region natives love tubaani and TZ with ayoyo soup.


6.  Brong Ahafo Region- Ampesi

Ampesi and kontomire stew is the popular food in this region. Ampesi is made from tubers such as yam,cocoyam, cassava. Natives of BA region are known to be major producers of tubers such as yam.

7. Northern Region- Tuo zaafi and ayoyo soup

The most popular food in the northern region is TZ and ayoyo soup. However they also love rice balls and groundnut soup with beans.


8.Central Region-Etew

Etew is almost like banku. But etew is prepared with less or no cassava dough. Serve with  soup or sauce such as shito(black pepper sauce) and okro soup

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9. Upper East Region – Rice ball

Natives of the upper east region love rice ball and soup mixed with beans.


10. Western Region – Acheke

Acheke is prepared from grated fermented cassava pulp. It is served with grilled fish and pepper or sauce. However they also love fufu.



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