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fried plantain tweets

Nigerians call it ‘dodo’ and Ghanaians call it ‘k)k))’

Here are tweets that will show you fried plantain is the real bae. Where my plantain lovers at?

  1. When fried plantain is your best friend.

2. Looks like this one is in the spirit.

3. Ah! See question o.

4. Tell him o LOL. Please do not compare fried plantain anyhow

5. I wonder too

7. Dodo is just too much

8. I salute.. plantain lovers lol

9. yeah fried plantain is the bae. no divided attention please.

10. LOL


12. fried plantain goes with any meal!

13. Ah! wey question too this? fried plantain has been saving lives since the 80s.LOL.

14. This is beautiful! You deserve a medal.

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