Prepare yam balls with this simple and quick recipe.


  1. Boiled Yam
  2. Grated/ chopped onion
  3. Plain flour
  4. Eggs
  5. Corned beef
  6. Butter/ Margarine
  7. Vegetable oil
  8. Salt
  9. Seasoning cube
  10. Chilli powder
  11. Bread crumbs
  12. Dried thyme
yam balls


  1. Mash the boiled yam and add the onion.
  2. Add the butter,corned beef and mix
  3. Add the spices(seasoning cube,chili powder,dried thyme and salt)
  4. Then add the egg yolk and mix with a wooden spoon.
  5. Roll the mixture into balls or any preferred shape in the flour
  6. Spread flour on a rolling board(roll the yam balls on it)
  7. Beat the egg white in a bowl and set aside.
  8. Put the bread crumbs in a separate bowl.
  9. Heat oil in a frying pan.
  10. Dip the yam balls in the egg white and bread crumbs(coat evenly)
  11. Fry until golden brown and drain the balls on a kitchen paper/tissue.
  12. Serve with any sauce or any  preferred meal.

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