Here are 10  popular sweets every 90s born Ghanaian cherished, these sweets were the ish in our time.

ghanaian sweets

  1. Fanice, fan yogo and fan choco – This was one our favorite ice cream.

That great feeling when you hear the horn of the fanice seller.

When its divided into 3 for you and the squad.

2. Alewa- This toffee had different types and colours.

Remember when you buy the coloured alewa just because you want that particular colour on your tongue?

3. Poki – This ice cream had different flavors and the shape alone is unique.

4. Chupa chups – is a brand of lollipop.

5. Peanut brittle(nkate cake) – Its a ghanaian snack made with sugar and roasted peanut/groundnut.

6. Condensed milk toffee – condensed milk toffee is a home made candy made with condensed milk and butter.

7. Agatha toffee – Those times when every lollipop was called agatha toffee.

8. Coconut toffee (kube toffee)

9. Ice lollies – These ice cream is made in small ice cream cups with a stick in it.

10. Choco milo

Which one was your favorite?


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