foods for children this festive season

These 10 foods will make your children more happier this festive season.

Checkout these foods on our kids menu and their recipes just to make your children happy this season. Big brothers,sisters,uncles,aunties and parents, show the kids love by preparing these foods and sweets on our kids menu.

  1. Shortbread

Shortbread is one of the delicious but expensive biscuits. you can make homemade shortbread biscuits at home for the kids. The recipe is very easy. Click on recipe for shortbread biscuits.

2. Peanut brittle

Peanut brittle (nkate cake) is a homemade snack bar made with peanuts/groundnuts. Click on recipe for peanut brittle.


3. Plantain balls

Where my plantain lovers at? Don’t be selfish, prepare plantain balls for the kids and trust me they will love it. Click on Recipe for plantain balls.


4. Condensed milk toffee

This festive season don’t buy candy and tofees, make condensed milk toffees for the kids and guests. Make delicious condensed milk candy with this simple and easy recipe, all you need is condensed milk and butter. Click on Recipe for Condensed milk toffee.

5. Pancakes

Surprise the kids with pancakes in the morning as part of their breakfast. Click on recipe for Pancakes.


foods for children this festive season

6. African doughnuts

Delicious doughnuts and fruit juice after lunch will put smiles on your kids faces throughout the day. Click on Recipe for Doughnuts.

immaculate bites

7. Spring rolls

Nothing saves the day like finger foods. Click on Recipe for spring rolls

8. Kenkey milkshake

Kenkey milkshake or ice kenkey is a great snack enjoyed by all. I am pretty sure the kids are tired of the milk flavor of kenkey milkshake (ice kenkey). Prepare the strawberry and milk flavor for them.Click on Recipe for Kenkey milkshake and flavoured kenkey milkshake.


9. Yam balls

Click on Recipe for Yam balls


10. Cupcakes

Do the kids love cakes? Why not bake homemade cupcakes for them. Click on Recipe for Cupcakes

Make this Christmas memorable for the little ones by preparing these foods at home and they will definitely love it.

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