The kitchen has more germs than any other room in the home. We are all guilty of breaking at least one of these kitchen hygiene rules. A survey by the Hygiene Council found that the average kitchen drain has 567,845 bacteria per square inch. Most of these germs and bacteria are invisible.

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  1. Wash your hands

First rule, wash your hands! it is essential. Wash your hands after using the toilet and touching the bins. Wash your hands properly after any activity before doing anything in the kitchen. Use antibacterial liquid soaps and wipes, this reduces harmful bacteria. Make it a habit to always wash your hands before doing something in the kitchen. Do not wash your hands in the kitchen sink after using the toilet. Please don’t.


2. Clean Up

Always tidy up the kitchen after cooking. wash your utensils and arrange them properly. Make sure to clean things people often touch such as taps,lockers and cabinets. Clean all utensils properly before use. clean kitchen cabinets, sink,windows and floors often.

3. Wash your Vegetables and fruits.

Fruits and vegetables are good for our health,but how do you get those nutrients when the fruits and veges are not clean. It is necessary to wash your foodstuffs before use especially fruits and vegetables. sometimes there are germs and dirt we can’t see with our eyes. Wash your fruits and vegetables with vinegar or salt water before use to get rid of pesticide residues and dirt.

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4. Storage

Store the food at the right time. Do not put warm food in a fridge,this can cause food poisoning. Do not leave food open, make sure to cover it. Store foods in the appropriate equipment.


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