Cassper Nyovest is a successful South African recording artist and record producer is in Ghana and he wasn’t left out of the GhanaJollof Nigeria Jollof Battle. Seems the GhanaJollof Vs NigerianJollof battle will never end. The rapper who is popularly known for his music titled Mama I made it in Ghana here.

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The rapper is in the country for some few collaborations and relaxation. Cassper Nyovest is already making headlines in Gh already. From Favorite foods to Ghanaian Music. It is traditional that anyone who comes to Ghana must enjoy the Ghana Jollof. The Rapper took to twitter to ask fans to help him decide between GhanaJollof Vs NigerianJollof

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Although he is yet to taste Ghana Jollof, he couldn’t risk it again probably because the Nigerian Jollof he took was bad. Could his followers help Cassper decide on which is the best Ghana Jollof or Nigerian Jollof.



CASSPER TO DECIDE BETWEEN GhanaJollof Vs NigerianJollof

A never ending argument, a battle of two passionate cultures or a matter of taste and preferences. Call it whatever. The age old debate between Ghanaians and Nigerians about their respective ”jollof” has to come to an end at some point.


Rapper Sarkodie in a response to Cassper’s tweet suggested that a battle between Sarkodie and Davido will help Cassper choose.

During a collaboration between Davido and Caspper, the rapper had the opportunity to taste the Nigerian Jollof. The lit here could mean too much pepper. Calling Davido the next day with such a reaction says alot about how Nigerian Jollof is. Thus too much sauce or pepper.


Jess Kitchen forsee a jollof competition between Davido and Sarkodie. The Tasting Officer will be Cassper Nyovest. WHO WILL  WIN ? Ghana Jollof Nigerian Jollof