spicy crispy fried chicken

Hello Foodies, Have you ever thought of frying  your own chicken?

Don’t worry jess kitchen is here for you.

This is not the usual season,steam and fry chicken recipe. This chicken is a spicy deep fried chicken coated with spices,flour,eggs and breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs go with boneless chicken.But with my recipe i am frying with chicken drumsticks.

This chicken will not be steamed before frying so it has to take time and fry well.The thing with this chicken is that you must have patience to fry it. It should be fried on low heat.If the oil is too hot you will end up having burnt half cooked chicken.And we don’t want that.

Please make sure you don’t break any kitchen hygiene rule while preparing your chicken. Wash your hands very well before you start. you will be using your hands more.

This is the best spicy fried chicken.Trust me you will love it. Read the recipe below.


  1. Chicken drumsticks
  2. Spices(red powdered pepper,ginger powder,garlic powder,white pepper,rosemary,stock cube,salt and any other preferred spice)
  3. Breadcrumbs
  4. Egg
  5. Flour
  6. Oil


  1. Get your spices ready.

2. Crack and beat the egg. Add chili powder and pinch of salt to the egg and mix. Set aside.

3. Add salt to the spices and mix.

4. Pour flour in a bowl.add some of your spices. garlic powder, ginger powder,chili powder,stock cube and salt.mix and set aside.

5. Get your breadcrumbs ready.

6. coat the chicken with the spices.coat well.

7. After coating with your spices,the chicken will go through this process.

8. Flour,egg then breadcrumbs. feel free to repeat the process. This makes it very crispy.

You need a lot of oil to fry. Fry on low heat.

9. Make sure the oil is not too hot. fry the chicken and keep turning the chicken. It should be ready in about 10 to 14 minutes but i fried mine for 12 minutes.

10. when your chicken is done place it on a kitchen tissue and serve.

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