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tricks to picking vegetables

Hello Dearies. you know hard it is sometimes to choose fresh vegetables when shopping.

Jess Kitchen is here to teach you some simple rules to guide you when buying some vegetables.

One rule that applies to all vegetables are, Do not buy veges that are not fresh. By fresh i mean they should not have wrinkled skin,mold,brown or dark spots.


There should be no blemishes or cracks. They should be plump,heavy with smooth skin.


Make sure it does not look dull or pale. Do not joke with blemishes or spots on tomatoes. A small spot could mean it is rotten inside.

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A good and healthy tomato can resist pressure when squeezed. Do not forget unripe tomatoes are lighter but juicer tomatoes are denser. Follow these rules to pick the best tomatoes when shopping. Especially if you want your sauce,stew or soup to taste good.

tricks to picking vegetables


There are different types of onions. White onions,yellow onions,sweet onions,red onions,green onions(spring onions) and pearl onions. These rules for picking best onions apply to all the different types of onions.


Pick onions that are free from bruises. they should be dry and firm. Fresh onions does not have wet spots or look discolored.


Fresh carrots should last for about 4 to 5 weeks in fridge. To me good carrots makes dishes beautiful and delicious.Why? because it  is colorful and taste great.


Choose carrots that are smooth,firm,fresh and with a deep color.

make sure you do not pick too soft and sprouted. avoid carrots that have dark colored crown,this means it is old. If you want to store carrots in the fridge,do not peel until ready to use. Gently wash under cold running water to remove the dirt.


One thing about this vegetable is that,they taste good as they look. Generally referred to as green pepper. The skin should be free from wrinkles and blemishes.

Make sure it is firm. They should well shaped. avoid sunken areas and black spots.

Now you know how to pick good vegetables when shopping.

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