Hello foodies. Have you read our previous article on how to pick good and healthy vegetables when shopping? If not, please do. Over the past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit one of the newest relaxation places in my country Ghana.

So I want to share with you, my experience at Sogakope beach resort, the FOOD & DRINK precisely. But first, let me just tell you where you can find this place before someone drops the question in the comment section.

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Sogakope beach resort is located in the Volta region of Ghana. Situated in Sogakope,7km from Keta Lagoon protected area. Sogakope beach resort features a garden and a terrace. With a restaurant and a bar. Each room is equipped with a terrace with views of the lake. Its 1 and half hour drive from the capital town of Ghana

Side attraction includes a boat ride, which is lovely to try. Not a fan of boat rides tho. However the inviting beautiful poolside is a great place to have the special drink called Mocktail, which I will talk about below.

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You know how I am interested in anything related to food everywhere I go. Presentation of o the food and drink always matter in such beach resorts. Jess Kitchen got there and at the reception, we were greeted with a tempting to try coconut. Yes although you had it before, the presentation will make you wanna try again.

After the coconut, I wondered and asked if coconut grows there at the part of the country which is famously known for the watermelon instead.



Let me tell you about the best “mocktail” I have had yet!

Before that if you are not familiar with a mocktail, it is a non-alcoholic cocktail consisting of a mixture of soft drinks or fruit juices. It is the most delicious and refreshing mocktail ever. it is so deee-liiii-cious and refreshing. It is a mixture of fanta,sprite,lime cordial and chunks of cucumber on ice!!! It’s so refreshing eh you will forget your problems after a sip.

And oh, it was served with groundnuts.

If you ever visit this great relaxation place, try the mocktail, I guarantee you will love it


Lunch was great! Yes obviously its Ghana Jollof I don’t want to start any battle with my nigerian readers. But we all know #GhanaJollof tastes great than Nigerian Jollof.

The presentation and garnishing alone say it all. Sogakope Beach Resort is built on the African brand. I love how the rice and sauce was served in an African native bowl called Calabash.

Jollof rice,fried rice,grilled chicken with green pepper sauce and black pepper sauce(shito). Garnished with healthy colorful vegetables. Vegetables are a crucial part of a healthy diet.


As an expert and lover of pepper sauces,i must say it tasted so good i loved it! The combination of the rice and the pepper sauce was scrumptious. The rice taste so good with the rice. The grilled chicken! Its is juicy and so tender.

If you are looking for a beach resort in Ghana that is equipped,luxuriating and cool enough for a king then Sogakope beach resort is the best place for you.




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