Hello food lovers. Today we are making mango cinnamon smoothie. This is for the smoothie lovers. Send or share this article to all the smoothie lovers you know.

Mango is a great ingredient for smoothies. It makes smoothies yummy,creamy,delicious and nutritious.

Mangoes are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Some benefits of mangoes are good vision and strong bones.

You need few ingredients to make nutritious this smoothie. Just like the name of the smoothie,you obviously know you need mango and cinnamon to make the smoothie. All You have to do now is to add one more ingredient to make it creamier,yogurt. Adding Yogurt to it your smoothie will give the smoothie that creamy and refreshing taste.

Diet of Life

You know how nutritious cinnamon is? Read this article on cinnamon to know the health benefits. Click on Health benefits of cinnamon to read. Adding cinnamon to your mango smoothie will make it more nutritious.

BeforeĀ  we start, what is the first rule in the kitchen hygiene rules? Rule number 1 ,Wash your hands! Do not break the kitchen hygiene rules. Click on Kitchen hygiene rules to read the article.


  1. Ripe mango
  2. yogurt
  3. Cinnamon powder(1/2 teaspoon)
  4. Milk(optional)

1.Wash your mango(again,do not break the kitchen hygiene rules). always wash your fruits and vegetables before use. wash and peel your mango. Cut the mango into a blender. you can freeze sliced mango before blending. This makes it chilled and refreshing.

2. Add yogurt, i used strawberry yogurt(you can use any yogurt or flavored yogurt).

3. Add the cinnamon powder.

4. You can also add milk if you want your smoothie very creamy and rich.

5. Blend until a smooth consistency.

6. When serving you can sprinkle cinnamon powder on it.

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