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2018 annual jollof battle in dc

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Click on how to prepare Easiest and Fastest way to cook jollof rice to read the recipe.

mm…talking of jollof rice, we are in 2018 and jollof wars still trends. #GhanaJollofAllDayEveryday. Jollof wars will be showcased in DC. Have you heard of the 2nd Annual Jollof festival in DC, July 7 2018.

2018 annual jollof battle in dc

Jollof rice is a  one-pot rice dish popular in many West African countries. Jollof rice is one of the most common dishes in Western Africa, consumed throughout the regions of Senegal, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Togo, Liberia, Mali and Ivory Coast. There are several regional variations in name and ingredients. The most debated dish in west Africa or the continent consists of rice tomato paste/puree,Fresh tomatoes, garlic,ginger,onion,pepper,stock cube,salt,curry powder,rice, water and more.



In June 2017, Afropolitan insights in Washington DC launched the jollof festival.

In this battle, Judges of the festival determine the best jollof rice in the African Diaspora community. Nigeria won last year’s battle.

I am rooting hard for Ghana because we make the best jollof rice. We will definitely beat Nigeria this year. Even though jollof originated from Senegal. I just think they do not stand a chance. Liberia and Cameroon? hmm not too sure about them. Ghana jollof all the way.

There will be four judges this year. Chef Francis Otoo of Embassy of Ghana, Lauren Bernstein,Nigerian Chef Dadisi and Gina Humber.


Other great personalities will be present. Ghanaian celebrity blogger Ameyaw Debrah, Clifford Owusu, DJ legend, DJ Young, DJ Akuaa and more.

Which community/country do you think will win this year?

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