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Food lovers,today i am giving you a list of 6 healthy Ghanaian breakfast you need to try. Before my list, most of us are guilty of skipping breakfast sometimes but it has bad effects on us. Sometimes having a bad day can be linked to skipping your breakfast.


Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. The word breakfast is self explanatory. It just means breaking the fast period through the long periods of the night. We are often in a hurry so we forget about breakfast which is a very bad habit.

Here are some bad effects of skipping breakfast

  1. Studies has shown that skipping breakfast can affect our energy level and mood.
  2. Skipping breakfast often can cause poor memory skills and also high level of fatigue in the day.
  3. You may find this hard to believe but skipping breakfast causes weight gain.
  4. It can trigger headaches and migraines.
  5. Breakfast can improve your cognitive function and visual accuracy.
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Breakfast varies greatly from country to country. In Ghana most of our breakfast meals are heavy. Most Ghanaians just call any food eaten in the morning breakfast.

Here are 5 healthy breakfast meals in Ghana. I’m pretty sure you have eaten one or more of these dishes this week.

  1. First on my list is spiced millet porridge(hausa kooko). Spiced millet porridge is a breakfast meal made from fermented millet, pepper, ginger and cloves. Its one of Ghana’s staple breakfast meals. This meal can be served with spiced bean cakes(koose), african doughnut or bread.
spiced bean cakes
spiced millet porridge and bean cakes(hausa porridge and koose)
2. Roasted corn porridge(Tom brown)

This is a breakfast meal made from roasted corn flour,peanut butter and spices. It is served with bread and milk.

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3. Oats

Most people prefer eating oats in the morning to tea because its a heavy kind of breakfast. served with milk and bread.

4. White porridge/Cornmeal porridge

White porridge is a breakfast meal popularly known as “mmore kooko” in Ghana made from corn dough, water and a pinch of salt (optional). Usually served with sugar, milk and groundnuts (peanuts).

5. Breakfast beverages(Milo/tea etc)


This is a popular dish in Ghana made from beans and rice. This meal usually consists of the cooked rice and beans, stew, some spaghetti, moist gari ,boiled eggs, stewed meat or stewed/fried fish, stewed wele, and vegetable salad It may also be eaten with Kelewele (fried plantain). It originated from the northern parts of Ghana.

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Make sure you take breakfast to avoid all these bad effects of skipping breakfast.

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