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ghanaian desserts

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Have you read our previous article,how to make vegetable and chicken stuffed pancakes? If not, please do. That recipe is not your regular recipe for pancakes oo. you should try it. Light and not too fluffy pancakes filled with so much goodness. Click on Pancake to read.

Today, i am giving you a list of 10 delicious Ghanaian desserts and their recipes. Homemade, nutritious and delicious. These are the desserts when served at an event everyone wants more.Why buy them when you can make it yourself?

Check out these Ghanaian desserts and recipes. For link to the recipes,click on the name of the dessert.

  1. Kelewele and groundnuts 

Kelewele is a spicy Ghanaian dish made of plantain seasoned with spices. its usually served with groundnuts. Everyone loves plantain dishes, if you love fried plantain(k)K)) or dodo) you must try kelewele, it is really simple and quick.

2. Spring rolls

Spring rolls are one of my favorite desserts. It is ususally served with shito(black pepper sauce) i like to eat springs rolls with chilled juice.

3. Asaana(Caramelized corn drink)

This is a Ghanaian drink made from fermented corn and caramelized sugar. Its refreshing and tastes great. Served with ice and milk.


ghanaian desserts

4. Sobolo(Bissap drink)

Sobolo is a Ghanaian drink made from rosselle leaves(hibiscus) also called bissap, Nigerians call it Zobo.This recipe is very quick and easy, you like sobolo? Try this simple recipe. Sobolo is not only a refreshing drink but also has great  health benefits.

ghanaian desserts

5. Peanut brittle(Nkate cake)


Peanut brittle is a home made snack bar loved by all. Just two ingredients needed, very simple and quick method to prepare. Learn how to prepare it for your family and friends this weekend.

6. Popsicles/Ice lollies

You love ice cream or popsicles? you will love this recipe. Every bite of this popsicle taste like milk and cookies. it is so delicious.

7. Condensed milk tofee

Make delicious condensed milk candy with this simple and easy recipe, all you need is condensed milk and butter.

8. Ayigbe toffee(coconut toffee)



Click on Stuffed pancakes for recipe 

10. Brukina(millet yogurt)

Made from millet, fresh cow milk or milk powder, sugar, salt and water.


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