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The 2018 Vittles food festival comes off from 31st August to 2nd September.

If you are not familiar with a food festival. A food festival is an event that features a variety of foods, which are usually available for tasting or purchase.

If you are in Accra you can’t afford to miss the 2018 vittles food festival.

The Vittles food festival started in 2015. The basic aim behind the event is to showcase the best restaurants,eateries and chefs in Accra and the great food they have to offer.

There is the kids corner: a special place for the kids to have fun and engage in other activities.Every year as part of the activities during the even,there is a cooking competition and winners take home great prizes.

In 2016 the Cacao show was introduced as part of the activities. A specialized competition which places a spotlight on sweeter delicacies such as cakes and chocolates made right here in Ghana.

The organizers of the event are concerned about health and hygiene so hand wash stations with clean running water will be set for the vendors and guests.

Come with your family and friends this weekend to the Vittles food festivals. Invite all your foodie friends to Accra’s three tastiest days.

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