Infused water recipes

Water may not be the most exciting drink for you but the one of the healthiest. Health authorities recommend we drink 8 glasses of water daily.


This is difficult for some of us who do not like drinking water. Some people drink water only when done eating, however this is a very bad habit. We are in a period where you do not have to take chances with your health. Always do your best to hydrate. Drink more healthy fluids and stay hydrated.This is drink and eat clean season. Stay away from soda,fizzy and carbornated drinks.

infused waters

Infused water is a great way to take in more water. It is healthy and clean plus there is a  lot of health benefits. It is easy to make, all you need is the fruits or vegetables you want.
Infused water is done by adding chunks or sliced fruits, vegetables or other natural spices to your water. You must let it sit for about 5 minutes or more. Others prefer to really taste the fruit flavors, that should take 20 minutes or more depending on how you want it to taste.


Make your water extra cool,here are 3 ways to make water less boring. Refreshing,delicious and easy to make.

  1. Carrot and lemon infused water
  2. Cucumber infused water
  3. Apple cinnamon infused water
Watch recipe video below

This is an easy way to stay hydrated and also get a healthy skin. It also help in weight loss. It can also be used to detox. Read more health benefits on


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