Tips for Making Homemade Ice Cream

  • 04 Mar 2021 06:29
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If you are an ice cream lover, have you thought you can make ice cream in the comfort of your own home? Actually, sherbets, sorbets and ice cream are not difficult to make at home. There are plenty of great ice cream recipes on the web. If you are the first time to make, the following tips can help you easily make ice cream at home.

  1. Read the manufacturer’s manual book or directions and stick to them. Many units’ bowls needs to be pre-frozen before using. Don’t miss this step. If the bowl isn’t frozen completely, it will need a longer time to freeze the ice cream, affecting the finished product quality. If you need to make ice cream often, pre-freeze the bowl once it is clean, so the next time you need to make a treat, you can fetch it out and make ice cream at once.
  2. Leave 1/3 space and don’t overfill the ice cream maker. This tip is very important, because air is needed while churning ice cream, or you cannot get a great texture in your ice cream. Maybe every model varies, but leave at least 1/3 space is highly recommended.
  3. Put a cold ice cream base in the freezer. This can improve both the flavor and texture of your ice cream. A cold base can make it freeze much faster, resulting in a better texture. You’d better chill the case in your refrigerator at least for an hour before putting the base in the ice cream freezer. The longer refrigerating time is also OK.
  4. A little alcohol is helpful to keep the texture, so add a little to the ice cream base. This is because alcohol does not freeze, and this will protect your dessert from becoming very hard when you put it in the freezer. However, just a little ( a few tablespoons) is enough, or overdone is worse than undone.
  5. Make it simple. Adding all the mix-ins is not a good idea. You’d better choose one or two your favorite ingredients to add to the ice cream, because others can be added as toppings later.
  6. Your all favorite min-ins can be added a minute before its finishing churning. For better flavor and texture, you don’t need to mix them for the whole making process and adding them when the ice cream is nearly finished. This can prevent these ingredients from breaking up.
  7. Use plastic wrap to cover the ice cream and seal your ice cream in an air-tight container. This can keep its consistency and avoid forming ice crystals.
  8. If you want to make great ice cream, don’t feel afraid and be brave to experiment. It is recommended to try some basic recipe at the first and you also can experiment to make it fit your taste. Keeping notes while experimenting is also a good habit and then successes will come. Just go ahead.

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