Types of Ice Cream Makers

  • 19 May 2021 06:32
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If you have made a decision on buying an ice cream maker, first you should know which type you would like to have, because there are basic 4 types of ice cream makers on the market – manual, pre-freeze bowl, gelato makers and electric freezer. Each of them has its pros and cons. Here, we will discuss these pros and cons one by one. We hope you can find the right one that satisfies your needs.


Manual makers can give you more memories and you may remember your grandma used a manual ice cream maker to make ice cream for you. Generally, such a maker has a large bucket which surrounds a small container which is used to hold ice cream. Rock salt and ice are added between them and then you need to crank its handle to mix the ice cream.


  • They don’t need any electricity and are able to make tasty ice cream, perfect for anywhere, especially for areas there is short of electricity.
  • Easy to use and funny to use. Your kids will be attracted.
  • All the parts are not prone to breaking, so a good maker can last for a long time.


  • Manual cranking the machine is time-consuming and energy-consuming, not good for a large amount of production.
  • Rock salt and ice are needed. Therefore, it is not suitable for outdoor camping trips.

Pre-Freeze Bowl

This type of ice cream makers has a bowl which should be pre-frozen before using. They can attach to a stand mixer (or other small appliances) or be a stand along freezer.


  • Offers the most suitable and convenient size.
  • There are some ice crema makers attachments designed for stand mixers.
  • They are budget-friendly or the most affordable ice cream freezer on the market.


  • The bowl is required to be frozen for more than 12 hours. Therefore, you cannot make ice cream at once unless the frozen bowl is ready.
  • Uneven freezing may happen, not well for making.

Electric Freezer

If you want to make ice cream at once and don’t want to wait, an electric freezer is your best choice. They are powered by electricity and have a built-in mechanism to cool the ice cream.


  • Your favorite ice cream can be made at any time, without waiting.
  • Produce the ice cream with the best texture and you can enjoy a professional grade treat in the comfort of your own home.


  • These units are large in size because of built-in mechanism.
  • Tend to be more expensive.

Gelato Makers

Gelato is a little different from other ice cream freezers. It includes less air, making it have a special texture. Therefore, gelato makers are better than ice cream makers if you plan to make professional gelato. There are a few models on the market.


  • Produce richer texture because of less air needed.
  • Very versatile – they are not only designed for gelato but also for any frozen dessert.


  • They are prone to be expensive.
  • They offer less flexibility than an ice cream maker if you want to use it to make ice cream.

Ice cream makers determine how successful your homemade ice cream, so you need to take some time to search for the best one that can last for you for a long time.

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