When do you Change the Water Filter?

  • 29 Apr 2021 06:26
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If you have a water filter, there is a question you should pay attention to – “When do you change the water filter”. This question is very important, because once the filters cease to be effective, the filtered water will be not pure as it used to be. Therefore, we should know when to change them before they lose their efficiency.

However, this question depends on several factors. Generally, water filters have their estimated life span that is measured in gallons of water. However, the estimated life cycle is only a guideline supposing you use filtered water on average water use. Therefore, it is not a good indicator to tell you when you need to change them, because every household uses a different amount of water every day. In the following, I will list some factors that may affect the life of your water filters:

Factors affect the life of your water filter:

  • The overall water condition: how many contaminants are in the water and how much do you want to filter every day.
  • If the water is very hard (hard water contains more minerals), the filters may be clogged by the building up scale.
  • How much filtered water do you consume every day, more than the average use?
  • If a filter is clogged or cannot filter out particles and contaminants, it become useless and ineffective. You have to replace it.

When to change?

  • If you detect an odor in the filtered water, this means your filters cannot work.
  • Filtered water tastes unpleasant.
  • The water pressure from the faucet becomes lower and lower gradually.
  • Filters are seemed very dirty with clear containers.
  • You have exceeded its life span that manufacturers recommended.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of your water filters, replace them on time is very important, ensuring that you always have clean filtered water to consume. A back-up replacement filter is essential for convenient change-outs. Different models use different filters that are sold by brand. You need to buy filters as same as your previous one.

Generally, if you have installed a reverse osmosis system, it is recommended to change its filters every 6 months to 1 year. Many models have an indicator that can remind you when to change them. Many faucet water filters may also have an indicator and you need to change its filer every 3 to 6 months.

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